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  1. Senator Attempts To Disarm Sheriffs At State Capital - They All Walk Out
  2. Snow Storm Shuts Down Federal Gov Again!
  3. New Yorkers are starting to follow Connecticut Gun Owner's example
  4. The Liberal Philosophy!
  5. CT Governor is a butt clown! Tells gun owners they lost!
  6. Two more States Take action to join the Constitutional Convention Process
  7. The Fence Test
  8. We will not comply - nj
  9. Example of Why Gov. is Broken
  10. Israeli Talking About Iran Strike Again
  11. Obama's Nominee for Surgeon General has Anti-Gun Obsession
  12. NRA-backed gun bills hit target in Legislature
  13. Florida Statute Links, Don, please sticky
  14. She is Back!!! And Wants To Ban Imports of Semi-Auto Rifles
  15. Pro-Gun Republican Unseats Anti-Gun Democrat After 40 Years of Control
  16. Michele Obama enjoys $8,000 per night hotel!
  17. URGENT- Committee members need to hear from you IMMEDIATELY.
  18. Obama rallies the team in Europe
  19. Alan Grayson Supports The Russian Annexiation of Crimea!
  20. CA Lawmaker Duncan Hunter Questions ATF Raid On Gun Maker
  21. Florida Report on Legislative Committee Action for Monday 3/24/14 through Thursday
  22. Obama Looks To Regulate Cow Flatulence
  23. New Tax Rates??
  24. Fed Judge Rules 7 round mags unconstitutional in NY
  25. Obamacare Victory Lap
  26. Mentally Ill Suspects vs Police Shootings
  27. Did The State Of Michigan Just Trigger A Constitutional Convention?????
  28. Warning shot bill what is your take
  29. Is this in our future?
  30. Juan Williams On Gun Control
  31. 2nd Amendment Supporters - Stand Up And Fight
  32. Article - Shoot Shovel and Shut Up??
  33. Republican Quits Bloomberg Gun Control Group
  34. No Thanks Mr. Holder!!
  35. Scheme To Neutralize 36 States Votes Advancing
  36. Gun Club Sues Animal Rights Group
  37. A Piece of the Pie
  38. Garbage Political Ads
  39. The Rise Of The Warrior Cop
  40. BLM Confirms It Killed 6 Of Bundy's Cattle
  41. A whole new meaning to STAND YOUR GROUND!
  42. Poll - Rifle On The Beach
  43. Opposition Rising Against Colorado Gun Control Laws
  44. Anti-Cuomo Stamp On Money To Protest Firearm Safe Act
  45. Nelson - Noooooooooooooo.......................He Is Too Old To Run!!
  46. NRA's New Video -
  47. Obamas Keystone Cops
  48. Obama's Decision Pipeline
  49. Juan Williams Wife Robbed - Wished For A Gun!!!
  50. Tolls On The Interstate Hwy System?? Maybe
  51. Window To The Soul
  52. Illegals get in-state tuition benefits in Florida
  53. Anti-Gun Hysteria Continues In NY - Microstamping??
  54. Missouri Open Carry Members AND the Restaurant Manager prevail
  55. Meet the enemy, http://everytown.org/
  56. Good Grief - Bundy Supporter Accuse Reid Of Promoting Civil War
  57. Is Anti-gun Activist John Conyers Out?
  58. Faced With A Bundle Of New Lawsuits GM Is Back In Bankruptcy Court
  59. Supreme Court Was Not Serious About The Second Amendment?
  60. Senator Marco Rubio - US Stands Alone With Right To Bear Arms
  61. NRA Raises Concerns About Gun Confiscation In Connecticut
  62. Free Speech Under Attack Again
  63. Asset Forfeiture In Minnesota Requires An Actual Conviction
  64. Hillary: On guns, "We're way out of balance"
  65. WTF! Where is the generation going!
  66. it took allt of "change" but he sure filled his cookie jar!
  67. German Gun Laws Are A Little Different
  68. The latest VA scandal. Is it the future of Obamacare?
  69. Inner City Youths Suffer From PTSD Called Hood Disease
  70. Hillary Speaks Up About Her Campaign
  71. Deadly Game of Gotcha - Danger of No Knock Warrants
  72. 70% Approve Of Voter ID Requirments
  73. Death By Firing Squad - You Like The Idea?
  74. Labor Department - Calls For More Foreign Workers
  75. Too Much!! A Foreign Policy Funny
  76. Brady Group Trys Another BS Lawsuit Against Gander Mountain
  77. There is a Liberal Paradise - Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  78. Will Posses Be Formed To Fight The Drug Cartels of Mexico?
  79. Here Come The Calls For More Gun Control
  80. Trey Gowdy Demands Answers On Benghazi
  81. Question? Will New Jersey Governor Ban Common 22 Caliber Rifles?
  82. Senator Feinstein Attacks The NRA!
  83. What Will They Blame When The Guns Are Gone?
  84. Ruger Sues Armscor and RIA Over 10/22 Clones
  85. True Villains Behind The Gibson Guitar Raid
  86. House Votes To Defund DOJ Operation Choke Point Targeting Gun Dealers
  87. Texas Senator Ted Cruz Wins Straw Poll
  88. Bowe Bergdahl, good deal or traitor?
  89. War on Coal by Obama and the EPA
  90. Senator Rubio - Obama Believes He is a Monarch or Emperor!
  91. Open Carry Texas and NRA not playing well together
  92. Psychologist Says President Showing Signs Of Irrational Behavior!
  93. Judge Rules Against State Gun Control Law
  94. Think it can't get any worse?
  95. Holder Impeachment Sought
  96. Jan Brewer rightly upset over S. American children
  97. Mexicans want LEGAL drivers license but not LEGAL citizenship!
  98. Indiana Treasurer Warns America Heading The Way Of Nazi Germany
  99. The Smoking Gun Evidence - IRS Was Very Naughty
  100. Australia to Form Anti-Climate Change Alliance to Counter US
  101. Let's have a bake sale for the Clinton's
  102. Big Upset - Cantor Defeated In Primary In VA!
  103. Obama Praises Australia's Gun Confiscation Action
  104. White House Looking To Act Administratively On Guns!
  105. Just Gotta Love Presidential Decisions.....
  106. Gun Tps And Talk Poll...............Gun Rights
  107. 74 lies by Every town for gun safety - Bloomberg news outlet
  108. Hands Off My Gun - Dana Loesch
  109. Private Property Gun Range Gun Tips & Talk Poll
  110. Sharing A Facebook Poll with GT&T members
  111. A Parade In Germany
  112. Get Ready - The EPA's Moral Obligation Is Going To Cost You Plenty!
  113. Hillary - Flat Dead Broke!
  114. When Obama Fails - Send In A Bush!!
  115. Supreme Court Rules on Straw Purchase
  116. Graham warns of Republican impeachment push over Gitmo
  117. Leader of River Otter Preppers in BIG trouble
  118. The Emerging Police State - America's Standing Army?
  119. Obama fake victory lap on Benghazi terrorist arrest
  120. Resigning Director Admits Gun Control Does Not Work!
  121. Whew!! AARP Says Social Security Stockpiling Bullets Is OK!
  122. Ammunition Registration Bill Up For Vote In The California Legislature
  123. Chicago Liberals Outlaw The Firearms Industry??
  124. Political Correctness RANT!!
  125. A few thoughts from Thomas Sowell
  126. North Carolina Legislature Eliminates Durham Gun Registry
  127. Jindal: Rebellion is Brewing In The US Against Washington DC
  128. NRA report on Rick Scott and new laws signed
  129. Border Patrol Association Calls It Right
  130. The IRS Commissioner - His Background And $85,000 In Democratic Contributions
  131. Does The USDA Need Machine Guns?
  132. Too Many Lawyers???
  133. UN Hiring US Based Disarmament Specialists?
  134. Reward - 1 Million Cash For Missing Lois Lerner E-mails!
  135. Senate Democrats Paralyzed by Fear of Mid-Term Elections?
  136. Obama's :Woe is Me" moment.
  137. Daddy Bama Admonishmoent.
  138. An Honest Question
  139. Big Lawsuit Over Mississippi Vote Fraud?
  140. California Lead Bullet Ban To Be Unveiled At Redding Workshop
  141. Obama's Union Push To Unionize College Football Players
  142. IRS Officials Had 31 Visits To The White House
  143. Gov Chris Christie Vetoed Gun Control Bill That Would Reduce Magazine Capacity
  144. Jeh Johnson another Obama butt breather
  145. Fahrenheit 451 goes High Tech
  146. Be Careful In North Carolina
  147. Lois Lerner Going to Jail?
  148. I, I, I, Me, Me, Me
  149. Good News For Obama!
  150. Finally deportation begins!
  151. The House Strikes Back At The IRS
  152. Remington Settles Lawsuit Over Model 700 Trigger
  153. Peggy Joseph recants her support of Obama
  154. House Blocks IRS Performance Bonuses
  155. White House - Migrants Privacy Rights Trump Americans Right To Know The Facts!
  156. 60% Say Send The Illegals Home Quickly
  157. Gun Deaths A Public Health Issue?
  158. Do You Have A Plan?????????
  159. Governments Pushing Social Unrest To Tax More?
  160. Think Muslims are "Peace Loving?"
  161. Example of Your Peace Loving Muslims!!
  162. House Votes To Block DC Gun Laws!
  163. Big Surprise - Most Gun Owners Are White, Male and Conservative
  164. If You Like Your AK-47 You Can Keep Your AK-47
  165. Communism Has Taken Control Of Our Environmental Movent
  166. Now here's some r e a l truth!!!
  167. The 2A: Larry Pratt Tells it like it is, Comgresswoman Attempts to have him Arrested
  168. Federal Judge Rules DC Ban On Carrying Handguns Unconstitutional
  169. Israel Is Civilized Island Amid 'Sea of Barbarism'
  170. Iran Deputy Commander Israel Must Be Wiped From the Earth
  171. Docs versus Glocks, gun owners win a round in the courts!
  172. Europe Funding Al Qaedas To The Tune Of 125 Million Euros?
  173. Armed Citizens Step up When the Feds Won't.
  174. Panel Report - Obama's Military Cuts Dangerous!
  175. Federal Judge Rules Against the DOJ and White House
  176. Comedian Hilariously Explains How Liberals Reach The Top Of Their Professions
  177. James Brady dead at 73 and I hope his politics with him
  178. Leaderless country we are!!!
  179. ISIS Leader threatens Obama!
  180. Gabe Suarez - Communism-Liberalism & America
  181. Gun Dealers Removed From "Operation Choke Point!"
  182. NJ cop...we don't have to follow the constitution!
  183. Churches targeted by the IRS? Is this America?
  184. If YOU are offended, the constitution protects YOU
  185. A Big Win For Missouri
  186. Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department
  187. Rep Chris Stewart Seeks To Stop Militarization of Gov Bureaucracys
  188. They Are Coming For Us?
  189. Red State Democrats Gun Control Records They Are Trying To Hide
  190. American Bar Association's Opinion About Gun Control
  191. what a difference common sense makes!
  192. A New View of the Riots in MO.
  193. Brady Campaign Loses Lawsuit Against Armslist
  194. AR's Fall Outside of Second Amendment Says US District Judge
  195. Ross Perot Was Correct NAFTA Is Destroying The US Economy
  196. Canadian Political Humor Directed At The US
  197. Bill Whittle - Conservatives Don't Believe Their Own Principals
  198. NOW!!!!!!!!!! Damn It.............NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  199. Obummer by Christina Houston
  200. More People Now On Welfare Than Those Working
  201. CNN'S Don Lemon Shows His Ignorance About Automatic Weapons
  202. So Frustrated.....
  203. Was Putin Right About Syria?
  204. Soros Money Flowing To Save The Senate
  205. Open Carry....your thoughts please
  206. Flashback
  207. So Help Me Golf - The Golf Address
  208. Hillary Clinton Explains Her Accomplishments as Secretary of State?
  209. Marine/Iraq Vet 20 person beat-down over Michael Brown killing anger
  210. Blacks claim they are targeted by the cops....oh really!
  211. Primary Results...did your picks win?
  212. Charlie Crist - C'mon Guys, I've Always Been A Democrat!!
  213. Shoot Straight to sponsor Gun Law Seminar in September 2014
  214. Iran Admits Its Rearming Palestinians
  215. WVA Democrats Distance Themselves From Pelosi
  216. Anti-Gun Community Hysteria Over Range Instructors Accidental Death Obscene
  217. For liberals, gun control is the ultimate government regulation
  218. Hurt a Liberal's feeling and get expelled from school
  219. Job Description - Hero?
  220. Who is arming ISIS? The USA!!!!!!!!!
  221. Operation Choke Point by DOJ
  222. Maryland Sheriff Warns Feds!
  223. Ha! Obama To Resign January 1st - What A Joke!
  224. NRA Calls Out Obama's Constitutional Law Professor Credentials
  225. Absolutely frightening.....
  226. Fast Food workers work harder than Obama
  227. Flag at half-staff for Steve Sotloff but should it?
  228. Environmentalist Money is Flowing to Midterm Elections
  229. Senator Sanders The Socialist Wants A Wealth Tax
  230. The Anti-Gunners and Their Unicorns
  231. VICTORY for Missouri Gun Owners
  232. Panera Bread Store Robbed - How Can That Be With A No Guns Policy??
  233. Moderate Islam Is A Myth - A little Humor Added
  234. Are we at war with ISIS? Even the administration doesn't know!
  235. Two Fighter Pilots Tasked With Crashing Into United Flt 93 - Not Armed??
  236. Thinking about becoming self-sufficient!!!.....THINK AGAIN !!!!
  237. Corporate Power
  238. Obama's Ship Is Sinking!
  239. Krauthammer - Obama Clearly A Narcissist!
  240. Pelosi Warns - End of Civilization If Republicans Win Senate
  241. EPA War On Coal - Electricity Prices To Soar!
  242. A German View Of Islam
  243. Obama: The Unanswered Mysteries
  244. NOT your stereotypical "Dizzy Blond"
  245. Pretty Sad - Gun Violence In Black Community Is Double
  246. Islamic State Fighters Reportedly Run Away From Female Soldiers
  247. White House Warns GOP Senators About Gun Control
  248. Mother Of Felon Shot by Police In Handcuffs Speaks Out
  249. Remember When Biden Made Fun Of Romney s Comment About War With Syria
  250. Eric Holder is resigning