A little info for those who own four inch 1911s.

Iíve been having a time for the last few years finding a recoil spring with over an 11 pound rating for my Wilson Professional. Wilson doesnít list any over 11 pounds, and a couple of hours spent searching online wasnít turning up anything. So, when I saw a plethora of recoil springs for Commanders (4 1/4Ē 1911s), I said the hell with it, and ordered a couple of 13 pounders.

I figured that when I received them, Iíd check for spring bind, and either get lucky, or have to cut a coil or two off.

I got lucky! A Commander sized recoil spring will fit in a four inch 1911 with no spring bind at all.

The recoil spring comes in a set which includes a firing pin spring, and is made by Wolff. I found them at Midway. Interestingly enough; I visited the Wolff website, and could NOT find them there at all.

So, FYI, 1911 guys.