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    Wilson Professional Upgrades

    I installed them in my 9mm Wilson Professional this afternoon.

    The single thumb safety that I replaced the ambi with took about 15 minutes to fit. Then I had to remove the mainspring housing, and remove the internals from that to put in the one piece MSH/mag well I then installed. I also ordered some flat-bottomed Wilson starburst G10 stocks (made by VZ) to mate up properly with the new mag well and MSH.

    Both the thumb safety and one piece mag well are bullet proof stainless parts, so I had to have them coated in OD green Armor Tuff finish by Wilson before the order shipped. I knew that the new finish probably wouldnít be an exact match for the 14 year old finish on the pistol (it wasnít), but itís a fair match, and I like it better that just using stainless or blued parts.

    A bit over a month ago, I received a new 9mm Wilson ACP (American Combat Pistol) for T&E, and to write a review of the pistol, which just came out on the M1911.ORG e-zine in the last day or two. Anyway, shooting the ACP for several weeks got me in the mood to start shooting a 1911 in IDPA again. Thatís when I decided to make the upgrades to my old Professional.

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    Looks good Rick, I don't much like ambi safeties much either. It's nice that it's fairly easy to convert 1911's, I wish it were that easy on a couple other pistols that I carry.
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