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    Smile Christmas Present

    I have been looking for a special set of grips for one of my favorite handguns for about 5 or 6 months. I found some that were close but not exactly what I wanted. My wife searched on line without letting me know until she found a grip maker that specialized in the grips I wanted.

    She contacted the man and explained what she wanted to do but didn't know what to order. He told her no problem, hewould give her a price and she could send him a check and after I talked to him and told him what I wanted he would make the grips.

    Well, I was very surprised when I got that little box with a note in it that said good for one set of grips for Christmas! I called him the day after Christmas and we spoke for at least an hour about what I wanted. He said it would be 4 to 6 weeks to get them done.

    They are just what I pictured and I think they came out great!

    The gun is a Colt Gold Cup Trophy and the grips are American Elk...


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    Very NICE!!!!!
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    Wow that's a beautiful sidearm right there!
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