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    Cimarron 22 caliber SAA has raised the bar for me!

    Hi, my name is Don and I am a 22 caliber addict! Doesn't matter what size, manufacturer, color, age, or even condition, I will love it and it will have a forever home at my house. Within my collection I have a certain soft spot for 22 caliber SAA clones. My SAA clones include probably 6 or 7 manufacturers and 12 to 14 revolver's.

    A few weeks ago, upon the announcement by Ruger that they were going to release their new Wrangler revolver led to my growing interesting concerning the new 22 caliber SAA in it's different versions. I immediately purchased a brand new Wrangler. I asked Vic from Florida Ammo Traders to give me a list of 22 caliber SAA revolvers available through his distributors. I came across one he recommended that I thought looked about as much John Wayne as any SAA revolver.

    The gun is a 22 caliber Cimarron pistolero.This is a good spot to mention that the gun is manufactured for Cimarron by Pieta in Italy. The gun is all steel and has a 4.75" barrel. The finish is a very deep, almost black, blue. The grip frame is brass and the grips are carved walnut that fit perfectly. This is a full size gun and it weighs 2.5 pounds (40 ounces). Another good thing about the gun is that it holds 10 rounds.

    I am hoping to dig out 4 or 5 other 22 caliber SAA revolver's from my collection and compare them all at the same time. That is a pretty ambitious undertaking but I hope to get to it sooner than later.

    My final thoughts on this gun at this time is that it is an all round win win situation. While the price, $375 approximate, is a lot for a 22 caliber revolver I feel that is a fair price and the gun is well worth that much money. To be honest, considering the quality, the fit, and the finish, the gun could very well be worth more.

    Just tap the thumbnail for a larger picture.


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    Sweet revolver. Fred and I went to the gun show last year and we both bought Heritage Rough Riders. Here's a photo of mine ...

    Heritage .22.jpg
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