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    First build, First range test

    The phrase "Blood, sweat, and tears" has been my mantra for the past several days. Before I begin final finishing I ran my 1911 build through the function tests listed in JK's book. While stiff, all sections passed. However, as any new parent, there is always the flutter in the stomach that breeds hesitation. This morning, I went to a nearby range with the hopes of firing the first five rounds.

    Round 1 (single) - [Magtech .45) The slide did not fly into my face or into the back wall. The gun went bang, bullet went in the correct direction, and I my pants were not too wet. The brass showed a nicely centered pin strike and a slight dent in the side. Since the ejection went over the right side of my head, I can see only some tweaking of the ejector and maybe flaring the slide ejection port. All, in all, I am pleased and relieved.

    Round 2,3 (two in mag) - Bullet goes downrange and second round binds during feeding. While the round was only half chambered, the slide lock did function. Brass continues to show nice pin strike and the ejection pattern is not too bad. I dropped and proceeded to repeat the 2 round test.

    Round 3, 4, 5 (three in mag) - Bullet goes bang and cycles next round nicely, I can't find the brass as adjacent lanes are fling brass all over the place in an attempt to beat a clock.All three rounds go off without a hitch and slide locks as desired.

    So, my first test was successful. I can continue to get the sights cut and installed. That is the "Blood and Sweat" part.

    Now for the "Tears". Getting finishing cuts such as blending the magwell and putting a nice bevel on the front of the slide will make one cry. To describe my handiwork, I would use the word 'botch". Getting a nice flat surface is turning out to be a challenge. It is a real job determining the correct file sized for a smooth action from my hands. Hopefully, someday. This first work will be blued so that I can really see my handiwork and I'll be constantly reminded where to go slower and focus better.
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