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    I'm Still Upset over the Election.....

    I am beside myself......bereft, panic sticken, suffering from Post Election Stress Disorder (PESD)....probably eligible for Medicaid....

    The Hillary Self Destruction:
    I still haven't figured out why she lost. Was it the Russian uranium deal? or was it Wikileaks? or was it Podesta? or Comey? or was it a sexual predator husband? or was a staff's husband Wiener immoral pictures? was it subpoena violation? or was it the corrupt foundation? or was it the congressional lies? or was it the lies about Benghazi terrorist attack? or was it pay for play? or was it travel gate scandal? or was it whitewater scandal? or the Cattle Gate scandal? Or the Trooper Gate scandal? Or was it the $15 million for Chelsea's apt bought with foundation money? Or Comey's investigation? Or her husbands interference with Loretta Lynch and the investigation? Or was it stealing debate questions? Was it forensically deleting 30,000 emails? The secret server in her house? Was it the Seth Rich murder? Was it calling half the USA deplorable? Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders? Was it the Vince Foster murder? The Jennifer Flowers assault? The Jennifer Flowers settlement? The Paula Jones law suit? The $800,000 Paula Jones settlement? The lie about taking on sniper fire? The impeachment? The 6 billion $ she "lost" when in charge of the state dept? The 10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich? Or was it because she is a hateful & lying?
    Gee, I just can't quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be right in front of me.
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    It just might have been that there were enough people in the US that didn't want a Lunatic Stone Cold B***h in the Oval office!!!!!
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    Iím not sure, but there may be a clue in there somewhere...
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