Using poor judgement is part of being stupid. I'll stand first in line to say "boy that was stupid" for "stupid" things I've done in life!!! He had to be aware of the unfriendly gun laws living that close to Chicago. So, in my book, he chose to break the law and take his chances.

I'm not the least bit interested in exposing my life's meager success to prove a point that I should be able to CC in Chicago!!! Skru Chicago.....I'll spend my money elsewhere.

Not only will he have to deal with the illegal consequences of his actions here's the can bet your knickers that the family of that poor boy, who went to church every Sunday, fed the homeless, loved his momma, would have supported his 12 kids by 13 different baby-momma's if he wasn't racially discriminated against and would give you the shirt off his back, will sue in civil court and most likely will WIN!!!!

I'll stand by STUPID!!!