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    Brevard County Sheriff - This Is War, Arm Yourself

    This is strong stuff, which I am sure will scare the beJesus out of the liberal anti-gun crowd.

    Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video on his Facebook page a few days ago, and hes not mincing words while delivering his message.

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    I've know and worked with Ivey for many years. He's quite the showman but he means what he says. He's a big supporter of 2A and isn't bashful about saying that.

    Living here on the space coast we all should realize what a prize taking down one of our space shots would be to the terrorists. As my by-line says......terrorism is coming to a point where everyone will be touched !!!
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    Terrorism - its coming to a mall near you.....

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    I read that several days ago, and completely agree!

    That's why I carry as I do, continue to seek training, and constantly practice as I do; regardless of the summer heat, or winter cold.

    Andy left Mayberry long ago, and the "third world" gets closer to our homes every day.

    We'll be doing h2h and blades, with some cane work during the breaks, in Lake Mary the end of July, in about six weeks. There's still time for a few more to join us, for anyone that's interested.

    After that, it'll be threat focused pistol in Daytona, most likely in early November. I'm thinking that'll be Brownie's last trip to Florida. After that, Rick Weaver (exbluelight) will be available to teach the threat focused skills (actually, he's available now), but you'll most likely have to go down to south Florida for that.
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