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    Mastering the trigger pull

    How many feel they've mastered the trigger pull on their carry guns? Whether that's a DA/SA [ both semi's and revo's ]; SA; striker; DAO; etc, can you put 6-8 rds inside 2" at 10 Yrds? Bulls eye slow fire has a string that's shot at 50 yrd, the X ring is 8". That's 1.6" at 10 yrds maximum. Bulls eye shooters have mastered their trigger pulls to be able to shoot such accurate groups.

    If one understands and can align their sights properly, using a two hand hold [ pick your poison ], yet one can't hold 1-2" groups at 10 yrds slow fire, have they fully mastered their trigger pull for that handgun trigger system?

    If one has a command of their trigger pull, and knows how to align sights properly, how does one get 5-7" groups at 10 yrds slow fire two handed and believe that's acceptable trigger discipline?

    Mastering the trigger pull--Does it really matter when on the range? Would it matter more when one's world is in peril?

    How many members have command of their handguns trigger? And more importantly, what are members doing about it if they don't. Does it matter that much to begin with to you?
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    i have mastered the trigger pull, if only i could calibrate these old eyes
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    I believe I've got mine worked out fairly well.

    Going to IDPA practice in a little while this AM.
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