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    Finally committed to my first deer hunt

    As some of you know I was saving for a Bison hunt this year. Sadly, a few life events swallowed that budget. However, I did have enough to put down a deposit on a deer hunt in S.C. this November. I'm looking forward to getting some venison. I know there are some deer hunters here and have a bunch of questions to get me ready. The following are about bullets, loading, etc.

    I have a Remington 783 30-06 with a Nikon 3-9 X40 BDC . This will be my rifle as it was recommended that range will be around 150 yds. I will spend this summer practicing out to 200 offhand and supported. Now for my questions

    Considering the 30-06, .308 bullet -

    I'm told 168 is optimal for deer. Will 150 gr. work? is 180 too much? (Yes I'm planning on a heart/lung shot).
    There are a lot of bullet choices and a lot of talk. Nosler & Hornady seem to be the most advertised.
    Of the Hornady, There are a lot of bullet choices. What is your preference? (A-Max, Interlock, Boat tail, ED-X, etc.)
    Of those that use Nosler, Which do you use?

    When determining load out. Do you build a ladder of different bullet weights first, then different powder weights for accuracy? Or do you build a ladder of velocity (powder) first, then different bullet weight?

    what is the minimum velocity / bullet weight to drop a deer at 200 yds?

    Like I said a lot of questions. Basically, I want to get my bullets sorted out quickly so that I can focus on practice. No factory is not an option as I plan to save time and money building my own loads.

    btw, I booked with SCHC- They advertise at the Tampa and Orlando gun shows. Cross my fingers that it will be a good trip
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