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  1. Make Sure That Deer Is Dead Before You Attempt To Field Dress It.

    Arkansas hunter was gored to death by the animal he bagged. Obviously pissed him off real bad.
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    The people of California need to grow a pair and...

    The people of California need to grow a pair and tell the activists to crawl back under the rock from where they came from.
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    Taurus Spectrum at Rural King

    Rural king has been running ads off and on for the Taurus Spectrum for $139. Had the coral colored one up for sale recently. If you need another one keep your eye open to their current ads.
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    Wonder if the auto insurance agency would pay up.

    Wonder if the auto insurance agency would pay up.
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    I can just imagine all the chaos in Zephyrhills...

    I can just imagine all the chaos in Zephyrhills when and if the snakes start showing up in the ponds and canals in or massive trailer parks and housing communities. Lots of night time gun shots.
  6. Beto Lays Out The Democrats Gun Confiscation Agenda

    When asked if he supported confiscation of certain semi-automatic firearms, Beto stated, “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your AK47….”

    The former U.S. Representative from Texas called on...
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    I like the coral colored Spectrum so much I might...

    I like the coral colored Spectrum so much I might just buy another one. Price is right.
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    Has The Impeachment Balloon Been Deflated?

    The hardcore still want to try but it looks like popular opinion, the media and many on their own team have lost some steam after the Muller Hearing.

    Do you think they will wait until right before...
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    IWB VS Pocket Carry

    I know its always best to pack in a holster on the belt, either inside or outside, but its hot and uncomfortable during the summer. I am still choosing the Ramora pocket holster with the smaller 380...
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    Lakeland Gun Show This Weekend! July 27-28th.

    Clean out your cash stash and gas up the car, you know you want to go.

    It cost $10 to get in but the parking is free. Check the website, since I think the location has changed from the normal...
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    Sig Sauer Copperhead MPX - Your Thoughts?

    Talk about a bad azzzz looking machine. Its in 9mm and cost a couple of bucks. Want one? Accuracy out to 25 yards is around 1" or so.

    Holds 20 rounds so it will work will as a home defensive...
  12. I too would like to find a set with a rating...

    I too would like to find a set with a rating close to 30, but it gets into the $200+ range for most the ones I have seen. I need the electronic ones so I can hear myself babble.
  13. Larry Potterfield Shows You How To Reinforce The Weak Part Of Your Rifle Stock

    Interesting Short Video. Check it out. Don Tracy you don't just use duct tape in your favorite color.
  14. The Forward March Of Gun Control Continues In Oregon

    The liberals own both houses of the legislature and the Governors office so they are running with the ball. This is the latest battle.

    Recently the Republican members of the legislature left and...
  15. The Left Wants Control, But They Can't Get The Guns!

    Quote: 3. They need the guns.The big reason there is such a divide within the Democratic party right now is because the radical “Commie Squad,” consisting of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar,...
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    I sure hope we never need a civil war to stop...

    I sure hope we never need a civil war to stop this push to socialism, but am shocked at the events we are witnessing today. The move to eliminate firearms will spark it if it comes to that, maybe....
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    All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

    the Second Amendment was created with one purpose in mind, and – let’s be honest here – that purpose wasn’t hunting or even self-defense from criminals. While our Founding Fathers supported the right...
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    Virginia's Gov Gun Control Push Fails

    Very good news since VA is home to the NRA. Blackface Governor is embarrassed.
  19. Swalwells Call For Gun Confiscation Did Not Play Well - He Is Gone!

    Yipee Skipee, no support for that jerk. Only another 15 or 20 to go.

    The massive gun control agenda plays well in the big cities that are owned by radical lefties, but not so much in the rest of...
  20. How Many Use The Howard Leight Hearing Protection?

    I have the impact sport and love it. Have you tried them?

    Now for an extra $15 added to the regular price you have have some multcam paint. Your thoughts?
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    Progressives Fear An Armed Citizenry.

    Interesting article about the radical left and progressive thinking.
  22. Can You Imagine? California Ammo Registration Nightmare!

    Guess the Democrats know full well what they are doing. Giving a major load of grief to gun owners and shooters.

    Maybe a few will wake up and change their vote.

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    President Johnson's Comment On Liberalism

    Saw this recently and wanted to share it. Johnson would be stunned at the far left swing his party has embraced today.

    President Johnson said it best: It was then that Johnson attacked the left...
  24. Hello, Hello, Hello - Like An Echo Chamber In Here?

    Nobody visits anymore, what the heck is with that? Founder is absent too. Amazing.

    Wonder where all the Gun chit chat has gone. Anyone have a clue?
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    Field Stripping the M-1 Carbine

    Its a sweet little rifle which has seen a lot of combat over the years. I trained with one in Air Force Boot Camp in 1960 and enjoyed shooting it. I could buy them all day in the 1960's for $50 to...
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