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    All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

    the Second Amendment was created with one purpose in mind, and Ė letís be honest here Ė that purpose wasnít hunting or even self-defense from criminals. While our Founding Fathers supported the right...
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    Virginia's Gov Gun Control Push Fails

    Very good news since VA is home to the NRA. Blackface Governor is embarrassed.
  3. Swalwells Call For Gun Confiscation Did Not Play Well - He Is Gone!

    Yipee Skipee, no support for that jerk. Only another 15 or 20 to go.

    The massive gun control agenda plays well in the big cities that are owned by radical lefties, but not so much in the rest of...
  4. How Many Use The Howard Leight Hearing Protection?

    I have the impact sport and love it. Have you tried them?

    Now for an extra $15 added to the regular price you have have some multcam paint. Your thoughts?
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    Progressives Fear An Armed Citizenry.

    Interesting article about the radical left and progressive thinking.
  6. Can You Imagine? California Ammo Registration Nightmare!

    Guess the Democrats know full well what they are doing. Giving a major load of grief to gun owners and shooters.

    Maybe a few will wake up and change their vote.

  7. President Johnson's Comment On Liberalism

    Saw this recently and wanted to share it. Johnson would be stunned at the far left swing his party has embraced today.

    President Johnson said it best: It was then that Johnson attacked the left...
  8. Hello, Hello, Hello - Like An Echo Chamber In Here?

    Nobody visits anymore, what the heck is with that? Founder is absent too. Amazing.

    Wonder where all the Gun chit chat has gone. Anyone have a clue?
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    Field Stripping the M-1 Carbine

    Its a sweet little rifle which has seen a lot of combat over the years. I trained with one in Air Force Boot Camp in 1960 and enjoyed shooting it. I could buy them all day in the 1960's for $50 to...
  10. Thread: Dadís Model 94

    by sig232

    Rick, do you think you will ever refinish that...

    Rick, do you think you will ever refinish that rifle? I know it reduces the value but if you plan on keeping it a long time it might be the way to go.

    Is your dad still with us or did you lose...
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    Are Left Hand Rifles Rare?

    Always wondered how many lefties are out there among gun owners. Its rare that you see a left handed rifle since I suppose lefties just choose to use what ever rifle they can find in most cases.
  12. Florida Concealed Carry License Renewal Question

    Just curious: Are you required to wait until the expiration date of your carry license to renew or can you choose to renew a few months early for you convenience?
  13. Road Rage Incident Kills One Injures Another - Tampa, FL Area

    Read this in the Tampa Bay times. This nut shot into a BMW next to him at a stoplight with a 380 Ruger Automatic and kills one man and injures another seriously. He was not a licensed gun owner and...
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    I noticed that Rural King has the Taurus Spectrum...

    I noticed that Rural King has the Taurus Spectrum on sale for less than $200 and so does CDNN. If you buy through Rural King you can avoid the transfer fee too.

    CDNN price is $169.99 and Rural...
  15. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association VS New York City - To The Supreme Court

    The National Rifle Association applauded an amicus brief signed by twenty-four attorneys general and governors in support of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. New York City, an NRA-backed...
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    Aquila-minishell - they are amazing.

    Got to be perfect in the short shotguns, or any defensive shotgun for that matter.
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    Don't do this in your backyard.

    The awesome power of the 50 cal.
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    Happy Birthday Don Orem

    Hope you had a great birthday Don.

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    I'm late to the party, buy Happy Anniversary Don...

    I'm late to the party, buy Happy Anniversary Don and Rosie. I can't imagine 43 years with the same woman. LOL!
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    Taurus Spectrum 380

    I liked the looks and feel of this new Taurus 380 and had to have one. It just fits my hand perfectly and the recoil is very manageable. I did find the trigger pull long, heavy and a bit gritty. The...
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    I will try to make that shoot if I don't get...

    I will try to make that shoot if I don't get called up to help with the Spring Hill project again. Will let you know. Give me a heads up as to where you might meet for breakfast. Dennys at the truck...
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    I joined up with Don and Donny for breakfast and...

    I joined up with Don and Donny for breakfast and lunch on Wed. Got to try out several of Don's new firearms and shot my new Taurus Spectrum. Had a fun day putting some ammo downrange. By the way the...
  23. That was a real plus and a bitch slap to Obama. ...

    That was a real plus and a bitch slap to Obama. The UN needs to move out of the US, its packed with countries that are dictatorships and/or socialist/communist. Time to go.
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    These liberal activist talking heads are not...

    These liberal activist talking heads are not journalists by any means and showing a emotional meltdown due to a political outcome that they don't like shows that they are mentally unbalanced and in...
  25. Shotgun Hunting & Target Shooting A Rich Mans Game??

    Its a whole different crowd that hang out at sporting clays, trap and Skeet events. Event prices can be high and the tools many of these participants use are on the high side of 3K for many. A pack...
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