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  1. So Rick, do we know each other or had dealings before?
  2. Hey, sorry I just saw your PM.

    No, I've never lived in Brooksville. But lived down the road in the Palm Harbor before moving to Orlando in 2006. Then we move out to Texas in 2013. I love good cuban food, especially cuban sandwiches. As an insurance adjuster with State Farm I knew most of the good cuban resturants in the area. Did we have a claim together? Was handling sinkhole lawsuits for the Farm before moving to Texas. Before that, large loss fires and regular homeowner claims before that.

    You ride a MC. Maybe we know each other via a friend I know named Wes Colley? He knows just about everybody back in the Tampa Bay area.

    BTW, order my first 1911! Colt Rail Gun (01070RG) in Stainless. Hope that finish holds well. I can't wait to get it. Will post pics.
  3. Ed:

    I've got a feeling I should know you.

    Are you from B'ville, or been around a good while?

    Rick McCleery
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