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  1. Handgun or Pistol Quick Kill [ QK ] Shooting Technique ©
  2. The Mind Is The Limiting Factor
  3. Proprioception
  4. The benefits of becoming "one" with your sidearm
  5. Enhanced Peripheral Vision TM ©
  6. Marines Prevailed in a Day of Battle
  7. Vision and Shooting research--Long read
  8. Enhanced Peripheral Vision ©
  9. Is it Enough?
  10. The Incredible Wrist- The Fine Tuner in Shooting?
  11. Bill Bagwell Working Bowie
  12. The Keith Borders Incident--Beware, Long read
  13. Hesitating to pull the trigger, some reasons why
  14. Knife information you might want to know-very long read
  15. Marines Prevailed in a Day of Battle
  16. Panther Concealment "Commodore" sheath up on you tube!!!!
  17. Disarming the snub nose revolver
  18. Great Read
  19. Threat Focused Pistol at Okeechobee Nov. 15-16 2014
  20. My Second class....Ever. (Results from one H... of a raffle prize).
  21. Volusia Gun Hunt Club Nov. 8
  22. AAR Nov. 8th and 9th Threat Focused Pistol Course
  23. Don't forget Youtube
  24. Looking for interest in H2h/blade training.
  25. Brownie method of sharpening on the Spyderco Sharpmaker
  26. Threat Focused Pistol Course-March 28-29, 2015 announcement
  27. Evasive Driving up on you tube
  28. The need for speed
  29. Traveling for the hoidays again
  30. Sprint and Hits,
  31. Snubnose revo-back pocket carry on you tube
  32. You Tube - The Brownie Pop - deploying the folder
  33. Glock17/1911 two gun on two steel up on you yube
  34. How many people practice one handed off hand shooting skills?
  35. The Scoop Draw up on you tube!!!!
  36. working the fast twitch muscles for draw speed
  37. Threat Focused Pistol at Volusia Oct. 24-25
  38. Quick Kill hip up on you tube!!!
  39. Cane, stick and draw point knife defense up on you tube
  40. Bowie in Lake Mary June 14th up on you tube
  41. 2012 H2h and defensive edged weapons class up on youtube
  42. Covington Bowie in progress
  43. Need some help/ideas in securing bamboo or sugar cane stocks for knife testing
  44. Rossie R92 357 lever action up on youtube
  45. Sig 227 SAS gen2 45acp up on youtube
  46. Bowie knife workout
  47. Threat Focused Pistol AAR's
  48. April 2 & 3, 2016 Alumni Only threat focused pistol
  49. College of Knowledge-Threat Focused back at Okeechobee March 12th and 13th
  50. TheTemple Index or Temple guard
  51. The goal come Feb 9th
  52. Who wrote the following excerpts
  53. Denise up on youtube
  54. We are the police
  55. 1st gen glock 17 born 1988
  56. Kahr/Auto Ordnance pakerized milspec 1911
  57. Covington Bowie cutting test up on You Tube
  58. Lake Mary H2h/defensive edged weapons course-August 6-7, 2016
  59. Just finished my second reading of -------
  60. April 2 & 3 2016 Alumni Only TFP/FOF Training AAR's
  61. H2H and Defensive Edged Weapons Training-2012
  62. Force on force 2016 up on you tube
  63. The problem is-------
  64. Rifle Quick Kill up on youtube!!!!!!!
  65. Pistol shooting insight from one of the old masters
  66. All you front sight press shooter, check this out
  67. Threat focused pistol- Okeechobee Oct 29-30, 2016
  68. Todays training session-- some observations
  69. Hit a milestone with the channel
  70. Enough of the SD training with SD guns
  71. Daisy Red Ryder-Quick Kill at 16 feet
  72. Photos from last weekends threat focused pistol course in Fla
  73. Can You REALLY Shoot?
  74. Gun goes off in hand while disarming
  75. Physical Lag Times: The Use Of Deadly Force
  76. Countering sight fixation
  77. H2H/Defensive Edged Weapons Class July 29 and 30, 2017
  78. A pistols "torque", is it really a problem?
  79. How to shoot a handgun accurately
  80. X, is it possible to get off while being targeted?
  81. Force science on “compression asphyxia”
  82. FYI-- Berami Hip Grip
  83. Any Interest in Threat Focus Training Class at Volusia in early November
  84. Can you shoot with either hand?
  85. Mastering the trigger pull
  86. 2018 Indiana SWAT Officers Association Training
  87. Brenna working on 1/2 hip